Report crime as it happens. Capture activity through audio, picture or video; Request first responder assistance; Alert your neighbors to danger.


Quick access to all reporting functions through large buttons right on the home screen.


Report incidents several ways; pick the method you are most comfortable with.


Chat anonymously with any of our agents at any time via built-in private text messages.


Our agents will contact and dispatch the right service to help you in any situation.

Simple & easy solution to
protect your loved ones

Our platform is a full-service suite of customizable options to meet your specific needs. Use it to receive specific reports for fire, theft, assault, gun shot, abuse, illness. Respond to any safety and security issue by selecting from our list of more than 40 incident types.
Live reporting by mobile app (by video, photo, audio, text, live) for the people you want to keep safe with on-the-ground security patrol.
Our platform provides a unique feature: in-house 24/7 monitoring station capabilities. Our support staff monitors all incoming reports according to specific safety protocols for rapid incident response.

Get the right support for your specific emergency.

When you see crime happening or you or someone else needs help, it is not always obvious which social department, emergency service, established organizations or dedicated neighborhood agency to contact for the quickest response to your particular need.

Help is on the way!
When you dispatch an incident report with our app, our specially trained agents will triage, assess, evaluate your report and contact the appropriate entity to resolve your incident. No more wasted time trying to find the right agency's contact information.


Modern Design

We make use of the latest technologies for a robust and responsive mobile app.

High Quality Pages

Large readable menus and texts lets you use our app with confidence.

Audio & Video Recordings

Record video, audio and more, with authorized access to your smartphone.

Premium Features built-in

Get access to easy app sharing, latest news feeds and emergency bulletins.

Live Help

Reach an agent instantly by video link with a button tap.

Outstanding Reviews

With strong user feedback, use our app with confidence.


A Quick Overview


View the screenshots taken directly from various pages in our app. Scroll or click for a larger view of the features, action buttons, options and capabilities of the Pulse of the People mobile app.


How & When to use our App.

In case of a fire

If you hear gunshots

Report a missing person

Stop a sex offender

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Only Android version available now. How to install?

Our Progressive Web App (PWA) is built to run on all recent mobile devices. To install Pulse of the People on your own device, visit the following URL from your mobile phone: or click on the button below if you are reading this page on your mobile.
Follow the prompts and instructions from the pop-up window to get our app downloaded and installed onto your phone. No need to visit any app store!

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At Koowi Technology, we do more than help communities stay safe. We help to make the world the kind of place you want to keep safe.

Koowi Technology, Inc. has been a presence in Kenya for several years, helping neighbors report danger and call for help. The Koowi team in Kenya has collaborated with first responders, distributed public safety messages and hosted safe concerts to bring people together and celebrate life. We believing in giving back to the community by donating school uniforms, computers, and supplies to children in need.


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