Koowi Technology and Pulse of the People App are seeking countries with a high crime rate to participate in a pilot program that will significantly help decrease crime. With our new state-of-the-art, high-tech, crime-fighting technology system. Contact us today to discuss the details.


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Yes! We always intend to support against violence.

If you have an emergency, just tap the Live Help button  and follow the instructions. We will receive your alert in approximately 3.07 seconds  pinpoint your geographical location and send help.

It’s a very simple but well informed app but just in case you face any issue please contact support@pulseofthepeople.community. Our team is ready to help you in the best possible manner.

When you plan safer routes, you want to know the crime hotspots to avoid. Our well framed Research & Analysis Team is extremely efficient in this job as they update the crime occurring in or near your locality on a weekly basis. By looking at the updated data each month on this app, you can build a picture of repeated crime locations and where crime is likely to happen again. Use this knowledge to understand crime hotspots to avoid and to plan safer routes.

Pulse of the People uses roads and is powered by Google maps and Apple Maps. Occasionally this can be a longer main road route and you may know a safe short cut. We do not use pedestrian routes as this can take you across fields and tow paths.

Even tried and trusted routes home have danger spots. Check out your routes to work and bars. Pulse of the People refreshes every week with new data so you can see where the danger zones keep appearing. For an added layer of security, we have features to help alerts friends and protectors. Sadly, Safety can’t be guaranteed. But by downloading the Pulse of the People app you are taking control, investing in your safety and staying away from danger. Stay alert, stay safe, and trust Pulse of the People.

No application can guarantee that by using it you cannot encounter any unpleasant situation. We do not even make any such fake promises. But by downloading the Pulse of the People app you can take control, investing in your safety and staying away from danger. If you are in any such situation, we have various ways available for you so that you can intimate Us and as well as your friends who are into our network.

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