Koowi Technology and Pulse of the People App are seeking countries with a high crime rate to participate in a pilot program that will significantly help decrease crime. With our new state-of-the-art, high-tech, crime-fighting technology system. Contact us today to discuss the details.

Travelling to The United Kingdom?

Safety Tips Before You Travel
Know before you go…! Find the hot spots.

Are you visiting a foreign country? Any doubt in your mind if the place is safe enough? We, POTP, might not be able to travel with you; but we can help you locate if the area is safe to visit.

Please note that the information provided in this segment is based on the information available online. Pulse of the People has not validated any report.

Join hands with POTP to help deter and prevent crime, to help make this world a safer place.

Crime Report

Join Us In The Protest Against Crime With The POTP App

Report Incidents or Emergencies to the POTP Network

Do not let crime take over humanity. Express your experience of any unfavorable situation, and our research and development team will incorporate that idea to create more precautionary tools into our app. After all, Precaution is better than prevention.

Your details are not required for this upload. Your name will be anonymous*.

Video Clip of Crime That Will Keep You Numb

These video clips are the reminder that you need to protect yourself. Download and Register today for free. Save Yourself and Save Your Society!

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